Words turn into a repeating pattern (1x fade background) (1x fade background) (1x fade background) Those patterns sw@rl And the cycle comp l e tes Slightly s i m i l a r.. But slightly d i f f e r e n t.. Learning and forgetting and moving backwards and forwards and sideways and rotating and sliding and bursting open in all directions and into all other dimensions out through the curtain and past the remnants of this physical world . . . There are so many wild places out there Out on the open pla ins .............. ** The stars swirl above me But s l o w l y . . . Slower than van goghs s w s i l r And lighter And less visible Completely invisible There is no way to sense it .. and yet .. it s w s i l r So wildly And so beautifully * * * * * * * * The slow swirl * * * * * * * * of wispy magic